World Famous 33 Highway

The 33 Highway north of Ojai and Ventura is a supreme motorocycling road. It can be found off the 101 just North of Ventura. Some call it the backyard of Ventura. On any weekend you'll find a plethora of motorcycles up and down this road, and along all the stops on the way; the Deer Lodge, The Place, Reyes Creek Tavern, and the Buckhorn in New Cuyama just to name a few.

The road is ideal in the predictability of the turns; nothing seems to come out of nowhere. The middle section has banked swithbacks for several miles that you can find a steady pace to just get lost in the ride, without feeling in over your head.

Passing the Deer Lodge in Ojai, the road starts ascending through mellow twisties and 3 tunnels along a river that it crosses over several times, before opening up with a wide left hander that accelerates upwards of a ton, before easily coming down to a couple of smooth turns to prepare you for a relatively wide hairpin that is the entrance to the middle section of predicable 60mph+ mild switchbacks up to a dirt overlook, which we affectionately call the "donut". (It looks like a donut on a satellite map). It is a great place for photos, and one of the last places with strong cellphone signal.

At the "Donut"

The "Donut"

Keith's Thrux and Mark's Ducati

First pass overlook

Switchbacks view from the "Donut"

Reyes Creek