Jalama Beach

Jalama Beach is a great road to a great burger.

You can find it 32 miles off Highway 101 via Highway 1; 3.5 miles north Gaviota, or 8.5 miles south of Buellton. Highway 1 is always a nice cruising ride, but then things get a bit more fun once you turn west off Highway 1 towards Jalama Beach.

Once you turn off Highway 1, you still have 14 miles of twists and turns until you reach Jalama! It's a good idea to gas up in Goleta, or get gas later in Lompoc.

The Jalama Beach store is stocked up on almost everything you need for camping, and equally well stocked on photos of the many shipwrecks that happened off the coast.

Tell them you just came for a burger and they usually waive the $10 entry fee.

It always cools down by the ocean

The World Famous Jalama Burger