Triumph Bonneville Rearsets Installation

Here we installed some billet aluminum rearsets on a Triumph Bonneville. Bought new from eBay for $150, they naturally didn't come with instructions.

The pictures from eBay helped a bit, but it's pretty simple to figure out. The most difficult part was removing the right side "outrigger" (footpeg/swingarm support) to get the brake pedal off; as it bolts from behind with a 6mm Allen screw. No supporting of the motor was needed to remove or install the outrigger. It also helps to remove the front sprocket cover, in order to relocate the rear brake master cylinder.

The pictures below show the difference in location of the footpegs; the photos were taken in roughly the same perspectives. You can see the difference via the red circles; quite a bit further back and higher up, without being uncomfortable.